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Thrust Specific Fuel Consumption for Jet Engine

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Refer to the diagram of the JT9-7A TSFC contours (Attached). In terms of the definition of tsfc, explain what is observed on the (T-Mach-tsfc) diagram.

See the attached file.

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TSFC is the mass of fuel burned by an engine in one hour divided by ...

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The solution determines the thrust specific fuel consumption for the jet engine.

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A turbofan engine on a test stand in the maintenance shop is being run at a continuous setting of 22,700 lbs of thrust. The TSFC is 0.5 lbs/lb-h. A fuel reservoir of 1000 gallons of JET A is feeding the engine. How long can it run at this power setting in minutes? A gallon of JET A weighs approximately 6.7 lbs.

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