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As 1kg of 235U decays calculate the temp change of the mass.

Assuming no energy escapes, find the approximate temperature rise of 1kg of 235U over 1year from decay.

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There is an ambiguity in the claim that "no energy escapes", as there is no way to keep neutrinos in.
We shall assume that the neutrinos do escape, but the rest of the energy can be contained.

From web page
we find that U235 decays with half-life

hl = 7.088?10^8 years

This means that the decay rate is

r = ln 2 / hl = 9.7792?10^{-10} decays/atom/year (1)

On the same web page we find that U235 decay releases 200 MeV of energy, but 5% of it is carried away by ...

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The solution finds the approximate temperature rise of over 1 year from decay.