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acceleration and force

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Could you please provide the answers and workings out to the following physics problems. explain exactly how you came up with answer, provide a graph/drawing where needed for better understanding of the answer.

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1. When the net force that acts on a hockey puck is 10 N, the puck accelerates at a rate of 50 m/s^2. Determine the mass of the puck.

2. A 15-N net force is applied for 6.0 s to a 12-kg box initially at rest. What is the speed of the box at the end of the 6.0-s interval?

3. A 810-kg car accelerates from rest to 27 m/s in a distance of 120 m. What is the magnitude of the average net force acting on the car?

4. Two forces act on a 16-kg object. The first force has a magnitude of 68 N and is directed 24 degrees north of east. The second force is 32 N, 48 degrees north of west. What is the acceleration of the object resulting from the action of these two forces?

5. Two forces act on a 4.5-kg block resting on a frictionless surface as shown. What is the magnitude of the horizontal acceleration of the block?

A 70.0 kg astronaut pushes to the left on a spacecraft with a force F in gravity free space. The spacecraft has a total mass of 1.0 x10^4 kg. During the push, the astronaut accelerates to the right with an acceleration of 0.36 m/s^2.
6. Which one of the following statments concerning this situation is true?
7. Determine the magnitude of the acceleration of the spacecraft.

8. Two point masses m and M are separated by a distance d. If the distance between the masses is increased to 3d. how does the gravitational force between them change?

9. An astronaut orbits the earth in a space capsule whose height above the earth is equal to the earth's radius. How does the mass of the astronaut in the capsule compare to her mass on the earth?

10. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force acting on a 79.5-kg student due to a 60.0 kg student sitting 2.25 m away in the lectrue hall?

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