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    Graphing Force vs. Time

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    Could you please provide a force vs. time graph for the following:

    a) a car moves away from the origin with constant velocity

    b) car moves tward the orgin with constant velocity

    c) moves away from origin is a steady decreasing velocity

    d) moves away from the origin, speeds up, then slows down

    e) toward to origin with a steady increasing velocity

    f) when a car is pushed away from the origin a released

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    Newton's second law states that the acceleration of an object is proportional to the force applied on the object.
    The acceleration is the rate of change in the velocity.
    In all these graphs we assume that any vector (force, acceleration, velocity) that points to the right is positive.

    In part (a) and (b), the car moves with constant ...

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    The solution not only provides graphs of the described situations dealing with velocity and time relations but adds a paragraph of written explanation to each to aid the reader's understanding.