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    'Introduction to Elementary Particles' by David Griffiths pr

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    This question is from the textbook 'Introduction to Elementary Particles' by David Griffiths

    Question No. is 2.6,7,8 of the picture.

    (See attached file for full problem description)

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    There are two files attached:
    wz.jpg contains the answer to 2.6
    ksig.jpg contains the answer to 2.8 (top diagram - (a), bottom diagram - (b))

    Below I list the answers to 2.7, but before that, if I may, I would suggest reviewing how could you yourself learn solving at least some of the questions.

    I wonder whether you have access to the book you mention, and if yes, why do you have the difficulty with these questions?

    In case you do not have access to this book, there are sites on the Internet which are quite helpful.

    In particular, I suggest you check out


    As I do not have access to your book, I use this site for reference on particle compositions, masses, etc

    From this site you can also find other useful links, as for examples the ...