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Fluid Mechanics: U Tubes

A U tube open at both ends is partially filled with water. Oil having a density of 750 kg/cubic meter is then poured into the right arm and forms a column L = 5.00 cm high. (a) Determine the difference h in the heights of the two liquid surfaces. The right arm is then shielded from any air motion while air is blown across the top of the left arm until the surfaces of the two liquids are at the same height. (b) Determine the speed of the air being blown across the left arm. Take the density of air as 1.29 kg/cubic meter.

I'm not exactly sure how to set this up. I'm not sure if there is a bouyant force on the oil. Can you help me?

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Oil: (right arm)
h1 = 5.00 cm = 0.05 m (from top free surface of the oil)
d1 = 750 kg/m^3

Water: (left arm)
d2 = 1000 kg/m^3
h2 = ? (from free top surface of water, where it is in level with oil in the other ...

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The solution involves calculations involving a U tube open at both sides and filled with water. It includes calculations for the different in heights of the two liquid surfaces an the speed of air blowing past one of the arms