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    Enthalpy calculation

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    Rotary air compressor problem

    1a/ a rotary air compressor increases the absolute pressure of the air from 100 kNm-2 to 230 kNmm-2 and the specific volume of the air is reduced from 0.7m3 kg-1 to 0.46 m3 kg-1. If the internal energy of the air is increased by 40 kj kg-1 find the change in enthalpy of 8 kg of air.

    b/ If at the same time 86kJ of work is done on each kg of air, determine the amount of heat energy received or rejected by the 8 kg of air as it passes through the compressor. It may be assumed that there are no changes in potential or kinetic energy.

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    The question is to solve a problem for the measurement enthalpy from the internal energy of compressed gas.