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Boltzmann's Law's of Statistical Mechanics

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The expert examines Boltzmann's Law's of statistical mechanics.

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i) Boltzmann's Entropy-Probability Relation: The entropy of a system is a function of the probability of the state of the system.

Where S is the Entropy of the system, k is Boltzmann's Constant and is the thermodynamic probability of the state of a system, or in other words, the total number of microstates corresponding to the given macrostate of the system.

Boltzmann Transport Equation: This equation describes the statistical distribution of one particle in a fluid. The Boltzmann equation describes the time of evolution of the distribution or the density function in one-particle phase space.

is the force field acting on the particles in the fluid, and is the mass of the particles. describes the density function in one-particle phase space, where ...

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