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Determine Electric Field & Calculate Speed of Electrons

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Please see attached file. For 1st problem, I used the formula:
E1= Kq1/r2 = (8.99 x 10^9 NM/C^2)(-6.75 x 10^-6 C)/ (2.45 x 10^2 m)^2
E1= -10.109 x 10^7 N/C which = -1.01 x 10^8? Is this right?

I had to convert r to p(d)from 24.5cm into m (scientific notation) -
Not sure if I converted it correctly? 24.5 cm = 2.45 x 10^2 m?

Then, resolved each electric field into x and y components:
E1 (for x) = (-1.01 x 10^8 N/C)(cos22) = -0.936 x 10^8 N/C ?

E1 (for y) = (-1.01 x 10^8 N/C)(Sin22) = 0.378 x 10^8?
Added both x values together, then both y values, then used Pythagorean theorem to solve for magnitude of electric field.

Have I done this correctly? Or am I mixed up? Please check for me and if wrong, explain where I went wrong and why. Also, don't understand how to graph the table in question 2 or how to calculate the speed of the electrons from accelerating potential.Please explain-I'm lost at this pt.

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