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    Electric current: Drift speed and the current density

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    1. A small but measurable current of 1.2X10^-10 A exists in a copper wire whose diameter is 2.5mm. The number of charge carriers per unit volume is 8.49X10^28 m^-3. Assuming the current is uniform, calculate the (a) current density and (b) electron drift speed.

    2. Near Earth, the density of protons is the solar wind (a stream of particles from the Sun) is 8.70 cm^-3, and their speed is 470km/s.(a) Find the current density of these protons.(b) If Earth's magnetic field did not deflect the protons, what total current would Earth receive?

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    1. The current and the diameter for a copper wire is given the current density and the drift velocity of the electrons is calculated.
    2. The number of protons in solar wind is given, the current density and the current is calculated.