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    Rotational Equilibrium and Rotational Dynamics

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    The sailor in Figure P8.10 weighs 750N. The force F1 exerted by the wind on the sail is horizontal and acts through point B. The weight of the boat is 1250N and acts through point O, which is 0.8m from the point A along the line OA. The force F2 exerted by the water acts through point A. Determine the net force exerted by the wind on the sail.

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    The figure is in the word file attached:
    Calculate distances not given in the figure supplied.
    AX=OA Sin 28=0.8 Sin 28=0.375
    OX=OA Cos 28=0.8 Cos 28=0.70

    From the equilibrium of forces in the vertical direction
    W2=Ws+ Wb= ...

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    The solution determines the net force exerted by the wind on the sail.