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FBD, Forces

Please solve each problem step by step giving solutions please. SHOW every equation used and every step getting to the answer. Show substitutions, etc. Please give units. Look below for pages. Adult student learning from ya'll and so you can read what I need help with I cut and paste the questions cause some cannot read my writing.

Find the magnitude of the horizontal force the gold chain exerts on the left-hand wall. Answer in units of mN. Your answer must be within +/- %12.

A 14.5 kg person stands on a 29 kg platform. He pulls on a rope that is attached to the platform via frictionless lower right pulley. He pulls the rope at an angle of 31 degrees to the horizontal, as shown in the figure below.

Assume: g=9.8m/s^2. Ignore friction. The platform remains level.

If he pulls the platform up at a steady rate, how much force is he putting on the rope?

1. Cannot be determined

2. F= 426.3 N

3. F= 255.78 N

4. F = 106.575N

5. F = 142.1N

6. F = 319.725N

7. F = 170.52 N

8. F = 213.15N

9. F = 284.2N

In part 1 we assumed that the platform remains level. This is a bad assumption. However, if the man were pulling straight up on the rope, the forces will be balanced and the platform should remain level.

1. This is a good assumption

2. Cannot be determined

3. This is also a bad assumption


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Please solve each problem step by step giving solutions ...

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