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    Fish mobile

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    The mobile in the figure below is in equilibrium.

    The object B has mass of 0.605 kg. Determine the mass of object C. Assume L1 = 28.0 cm, L2 = 7.60 cm, L3 = 13.6 cm, L4 = 5.90 cm, L5 = 16.1 cm and L6 = 5.90 cm. (Neglect the weights of the crossbars.)

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    Two equilibrium laws apply to each crossbar:
    <br>(1) total upward force must equal total downward force, and
    <br>(2) about any axis, total clockwise torque = total counter clockwise torque.
    <br>Note: Force of gravity on any mass is: M g
    <br>Applying (2) to the ...