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Vector polygon to solve for the forces on a block in equilibrium on a plane.

A block whose weight is W= 250 nt is on a frictionless plane which is at angle q= 25 degrees. A cable between the ceiling and the block makes an angle q=55 degrees from the ceiling. See ATTACHMENT1 for a diagram with given parameters, angles, physics statements, and a polygon created from known information. Also an illustration of the Law of Sines and Law of Cosines.
Find the force C in the cable, and the normal force N on the block by the plane.


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Physics methods:
You have a choice of three methods to use for this solution:
#1. Draw the known vector W to scale, for example, 1 cm = 25 nt, then
draw the vectors N and C in their known direction such that they
connect to form a closed polygon, then measure them to the same
scale as above.
#2. On the 'not to scale' drawing of the polygon on ATTACHMENT2, ...