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Mass and cord tension of mass on a frictionless plane

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A block with unknown mass M is held stationary on a frictionless plane inclined at angle b= 30 degrees, by a cord attached to the ceiling. The angle between cord and ceiling is angle a=50 degrees. The normal force exerted on the block by the plane is N= 74 nt. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for arrangement.
Part a. On the diaqram shown as ATTACHMENT #1, show as arrows, all forces acting on the block.
Part b. Find M, the mass of the block, and T, the tension force in the cord.

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The expert examines the mass and cord tension of mass on a frictionless plane.

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Part a.
SEE ATTACHMENT #2 for all acting forces and x,y system with x parallel to the plane.
Part b. Step 1.
For stationary objects, 'net force = 0' holds for both x and y directions. Thus we can write that; (1) 'total +x forces must equal total -x forces'. Note the angles ...

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