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    Wavelength and Zeeman Lines

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    What is the wave length of those three kinds of Zeeman lines emitted when the electron had occurred the transition from 3d(n=3, l=2) to 2p(n=2, l=1) about the hydrogen atom in the magnetic field of 10,000 gauss.

    *In the 3d(n=3, l=2) to 2p(n=2, l=1), l means lowercase of L.

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    The Zeeman effect is the splitting of a spectral line by a magnetic field. The reason for the Zeeman effect is that in a magnetic field, the angular momentum quantum state can undergo a displacement from degeneracy. One state elevates in energy, one ...

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    This solution defines the Zeeman effect and finds out what the wavelength of the three kinds of lines emitted from a hydrogen atom in a magnetic field. All calculations are shown in a stepwise manner with explanations.