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    Potential difference in two points, particle charge, lightning discharge, electron, speed

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    Please show all work and show all equations used and diagrams.

    1) If 500J of work are required to carry a 40C charge from one point to another the potential difference between these two points is:

    3) The potential difference between two points is 100V. If a particle with a charge of 2C is transported from one of these points to the other, the magnitude of the work done is:

    4) During a lightning discharge, 30C of charge moves through a potential difference of 1.0*10^8V in 2.0*10^-2sec. The energy released by the lightning bolt is:

    5) An electron is accelerated from rest through a potential difference V. Its final speed is proportional to: (and why)
    a) V
    b) v^2
    c) SQRTV
    e) 1/SQRTV

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    W=(1/2)Q*V =>500=(1/2)40*V => V=250 ...

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