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Magnetic energy of solar flare

The problem reads as:
"The magnetic field permeating a region of space represents stored energy. This energy is often quantified in terms of its density (magnetic energy per unit volume) given by B^2/(2*u) where u=4*pi X 10^(-7). Suppose an "X2" flare occurs within a volume of 10^12 km3 over a sunspot pair initially permeated by an average magnetic field strength of 1000 Gauss. Calculate the total magnetic energy in Joules stored in the volume before the flare occurs. "

My dilemma.....I know that the given formula for magnetic pressure is a simplified version of the entire magnetic momentum flux relationship. But how can I use what is given? (a relationship in terms of density seems to continually yield a result of Newtons/meter2 which I understand to be magnetic pressure? I have resorted to blindly "plugging and chugging" in a an effort simply to get the right units. I assume that I should be able to take 1000 gauss over the given volume with the given mag pressure relationship and somehow attain an initial energy.

Thanks for any insight you might provide.

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We must express both B and the vacuum permeability ยต_0 in the same units - apparently SI, ...

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The magnetic energy of solar flares are determined. Momentum flux relationship formulas are analyzed.