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Physics: Kinetic energy applied to a roll of paper towel with force applied tangentially.

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A roll of paper towels is a uniform hollow cylinder, mass M=.75 kg, outer radius Ro=.084 m, inside radius of the hollow core Ri=.036 m. The roll is mounted on frictionless bearings.

See attachment #1 for a picture showing parameters.

By pulling on the paper towel with a tangential force P=.25 nt, starting at rest, the roll is thus given initial angular acceleration Ao.

a. Find the kinetic energy of the rotating roll at the end of t= 5.2 seconds. (Assume that the outer radius does not change during this time.)
b. When exactly half of the roll has been removed, with the same force P applied tangentially, find the angular acceleration Af.


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part a.
Step 1. Recall or develop the initial moment of ...

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