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Electric potential energy

Does the electric field always move from positive to negative?

If I'm told that a uniform electric field of magnitude 4.1 x 10^5 N/C points in the positive x direction, and a 4.5 micro-C charge moves 6.0 m in the positive x direction, and to find the electric potential energy (which is -11 J), does my equation look like this:

delta U = qEd = (4.5 x 10^-6)(-4.1 x 10^5)(6) = -11J ?

And if the charge were moving 6.0 in the negative x direction, would my equation be:

(4.5 x 10^-6)(4.1 x 10^5)(6) = 11 J ?

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The direction of the Electric Field at a point is the same as the direction of the Electric force acting on a positive charge at that point. Thus the electric field is radially outward from a positive charge and radially in toward a negative point ...

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