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    Variation of current, voltage and power in L, C, R circuits.

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    See attached file for full problem description. Please answer only question 1.4.

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    Here the power is varying with time as a parabola and the current is proportional to the time (straight line) hence we may say that the magnitude of the power is proportional to the square of current. This happens in a resistor for which the power is given as

    P = I2*R

    Now when at t = 4 ms the current is 10 mA and the power is 8 mW we have the current as ...

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    This is solution to a beautiful conceptual question in in three parts. in each part two graphs [I(t), V(t) or P(t)] are given. On the basis of the graphs the nature of the circuit is to be decided and then the value of resistance, inductance or capacitance is to be calculated. Must see the problem and the solution.