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Final Position and Velocity of Loop

What equations are needed to solve this problem? How would the equations change if it was a circular loop?

a) A square loop of the side length (a) carries a current (i) in the clockwise direction. The loop is placed in a magnetic field at an angle of 45 degrees to it (you can rotate the loop about the field as you like to make the problem simpler). What are the forces and torques on the loop and what are the final position and velocity of the loop?

b) This loop is put on top of a second identical loop, so that they are concentric. The current in the first loop is clockwise and increasing - What will be the sign of the current in the second loop?

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(a) Let PQRS be the name of the loop. P is the corner where the current enters the loop. PQ and RS are vertical and parallel. QR and SP are parallel and horizontal. The force on QR, F, is perpendicular to both QR and B at an angle of 90 + 45 = 135 degrees with the vertical (anti-clock wise).

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This is a tutorial on how to determine what equations are needed to solve questions on currents, loops, and torques.