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Magnetic flux, induced emf sample question

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Consider a rectangular loop of length l (parallel to x) width w (parallel to y) total resistance R, is being pulled at constant force F=fx. If at tiem t=0 it is aligned with the front edge at x=0, has velocity vx, and the magnetic field everywhere is

B= 0 x<0
B= BoZ x>0

solve and draw plots for the time dependence of:

A) position of the front of the loop

B) The magnetic flux, through the loop

C) The induced emf in the loop

D) The current in the loop

E) The power dissipated in the loop

F) The time needed for the loop to get all the way into the field- if it does.

Hint- solve for the first 3 terms of position and its derivatives. Then find and solve the kinematics differential equation.

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