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wavelength, angle of refraction and magnification

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What is the wavelength of the 76 Hz ELT wave?

What is the wavelength of the peak of the blackbody radiation curve for the human body (T= 310K )? What is the EM wave of this?

A ray of yellow light crosses the boundary between glass and air, going from the glass into air. If the angle of incidence is 20 degrees, what is the angle of refraction?

When viewed through a magnifying glass, a stamp that is 2 cm wide appears upright and 6 cm wide. What is the magnification??

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It provides detailed solutions to the optical questions, such as finding the wavelength of EM wave, angle of refraction and magnification. The solution has a '5/5' rating.

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What is the wavelength of the 76 hz ELT wave?
The speed of the wave c = 3 * 108 m/s
So the wavelength is

What is the wavelength of the peak of the blackbody radiation curve for the ...

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