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    Measuring Distance With a Laser

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    An aircraft based LIDAR platform is performing bathymetric (water depth) measurements. The 1.06 µ wavelength LIDAR beam is pulse modulated, at a rate of 1000 Hz, the pulse width is 25 nanoseconds and the look angle is 5.0 degrees from the aircraft. The aircraft is flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Calculate the depth of the water if the time difference between the receipt of the surface pulse and the bottom pulse is 66 nanoseconds. Assume that the index of refraction of the water does not adversely affect the timing and that the water does not significantly attenuate the LIDAR wavelength.

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    Depth = (time difference 66 nanoseconds) * (speed of light in water 218400 km/s) * cos(look angle = 5 ...

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    This solution determines how deep a body of water is.