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    A high-powered laser beam

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    A high power laser providing a nearly collimated beam with an average of 50 KW is used recently by the US Army as a weapon to shoot down a drone 3.6 km away. The laser beam diameter on the target is about 0.25-m after propagating such a distance.

    (a) Find the average intensity at the target.
    (b) Find the peak electric field E(max) and peak magnetic field B(max) of the beam at the target.
    (c) Find the radiation pressure P when the laser beam is shining on the drone and is totally absorbed by the target?

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    a. Intensity,
    I = P / Area = P/ (pi*d^2/4) = 50*10^3/(pi*0.25^2/4) = 1.02 MW m^-2

    b. e0 = ...

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