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Calculating frequency and spring constant

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1.) A 14kg motor is mounted on rubber feet. The motor can be pulled aside a distance of .5cmby a force of 200N. (a) Find the spring constant for the sideways motion of the motor. (b) What is the natural frequency for sideways vibration of the motor? (c) The motor is to rotate the drum of an electric dryer by means of a belt connected to a pulley. If the driven pulley is to rotate at 9 rev/s, is trouble likely to result? Why?

2.) A heavy weight hangs at the end of a 140m cable. A worker strikes the top of the cable sideways, the pulse hits the weight after a time of 4 s. (a) With about what frequency must he vibrate the top end if the rope is to resonate in its fundamental? (b) It's first overtone? (c) Why is your answer only approximate?

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