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Electric field by the thundercloud and the induced charge

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A thundercloud has the charge distribution as shown on the diagram. Treat this distribution as two point charges, a negative charge of -30 C at the height of 2 km above the ground and a positive charge of +30 C at the height of 3 km. The presence of these charges induces charges on the ground. Assuming the ground is a conductor, it can be shown that the induced charges can be treated as a charge of +30 C at the depth of 2 km below ground level and a charge of -30 C at the depth of 3 km. Consider point P1, which is just above the ground directly below the thundercloud, and point P2, which is 1 km horizontally away from P1.
a) Determine direction and magnitude of electric field at these points.
b) Letting zero of potential to be at infinity, determine the potential at these points

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The solution shows how to calculate the electric field and the potential due to the charges of the thundercloud and the induced charge on the ground.