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    Sphere of charge and potential energy

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    PLEASE solve step by step as simply as possible and show all math and answers please. Solve all the way through.

    a) What is electric field here in magnitude and direction?
    b) What is the field before and after?
    c) What is the potential of each sphere before and after B touches A?
    d) Find the potential energy of the system
    e) B is continuous at d/2, Find E at d.

    See attached for complete questions. Thanks.

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    Because, sphere A is charged to Q, and sphere B has no charge, therefore, electric field at distance d will be only due to sphere A,

    E = k*Q/d^2 (directed away from sphere A, i.e., ->) --Answer

    Let us assume after touching, spheres A and B have ...

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    The solution provides step by step calculations for questions related to the concepts of electric fields, potential of spheres, and potential energy of a system.