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Existentialism: a reflection on life and meaning

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Suppose predictions of cosmologists come true and the universe will one day collapse into a primordial atom - perhaps as a precursor to another 'big bang' - and every remnant of causality is obliterated. Alternatively - since some now believe the universe to be accelerating outwards due to the repulsive character of the 'dark force' - substance may eventually be spread so thin that no life-supporting organization remains possible (echoing the fate foretold by the second law of thermodynamics). What sense could then be made of life, that does not collapse into mewling after intervention - divine or otherwise?

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The solution provide a concise yet comprehensive and well thought out reflection/discussion upon the ideas presented in the original problem presented by the student re: existentialism and cosmology (see problem). Life and meaning is discussed in relation to the possibility of the inevitability of the universe's collapse.

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There may be a way of leveraging angst into a sense of purposiveness, utilizing transcendental argumentation. If I have the capacity to be worried about such questions, this is probably because I also have the capacity to enjoy - and know that I enjoy - music, poetry, fine wine, sexuality and philosophical questions (in no particular order!) I think this implies an obligation to respect and nurture the circumstances bequeathing this gift. To look ahead is to look into the unknown, and this is often fearful. Socrates pointed out that 'the unexamined life is not worth living' - and I think this means the capacity for angst is worth every tribulation. We have an obligation therefore to the circumstances, events and creatures that spawned us ...

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