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If God is all-knowing, then God knows what will occur in the future as well as what is occurring now and what has occurred in the past. How would it be possible for God to know everything that will occur in the future?

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The question of time and god is an ancient one: St. Augustine wondered about this 1500 years ago. I think that his answer is a compelling one. Imagine that the universe was not created in time but with time. Thus, not only is the material universe god's creation, so is the unit used to measure its duration. They were created in the same moment.
<br><br>If you examine the fields of astrophysics and cosmology, you see that the two come together in the big bang theory: time did not exist before the big bang - it is not even possible to say "before" the big bang, since the word "before" implies time. The big bang and the concommitant creation of the ...

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