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Relativity: Conservation of momentum particle question

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1. Conservation of Momentum and COM reference frame: Two particles are sliding directly towards each other on a frictionless surface. According to an observer in the laboratory reference frame, a 3.00kg particle moves to the right at 10.00m/s and a 5.00kg particle moves towards the left at 2.00m/s. After the head-on collision, the particles stick together ...

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The conservation of momentum particle relativity is examined. A head-on collision of particles are analyzed.

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(a) Velocity of the CM lab reference frame
= (towards right)

(b) Momentum of particle of mass 3 kg w.r.t. CM frame = 3*(10-2.5)
= 22.5 kg-m/s (towards right)
Momentum of particle of mass 5 kg w.r.t. CM frame = 5*(-2 - 2.5) = -22.5 kg-m/s
or 22.5 kg-m/s (towards left)

(c) Total momentum = Total momentum of two particles in the Center of Mass reference frame = 22.5 -22.5 = 0

(d) Velocity of the combined mass in lab reference frame
= (towards right)

(a) t = distance/ speed = (65/0.8c) second = ...

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