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Physics: Speed of skaters, speed of block after bullet stops, speed of blob of clay

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Two ice skaters, with masses of 50.0 and 75.0 , are at the center of a 40.0 -diameter circular rink. The skaters push off against each other and glide to opposite edges of the rink.

a.) If the heavier skater reaches the edge in 10.0, how long does the lighter skater take to reach the edge?

Two 500 g blocks of wood are 2.0 m apart on a frictionless table. A 10 g bullet is fired at toward the blocks. It passes all the way through the first block, then embeds itself in the second block. The speed of the first block immediately afterward is .

a.) What is the speed of the second block after the bullet stops?

A 20 g ball of clay traveling east at collides with a 30 g ball of clay traveling 30 south of west at .

Part A
What are the speed of the resulting 50 g blob of clay?

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