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Conversion of Linear Momentum in Rocket Propulsion.

An astronaut drifts away from an orbiter while repairing an antenna. The astronaut realizes the orbiter is moving away from him at 3m/s. The astronaut and his maneuvering unit have a mass of 100 kg.which includes a pressurized tank of of mass 10 kg. The tank contains only 2 kg of gas, in addition to the mass of the tank, that is used to propel him in space; the gas escapes at a constant velocity of 100m/s.

1. Will the astronaut run out of gas before he reaches the orbiter( at what point will he run out of gas)

2. With what velocity will the astronaut have to throw the empty tank away to get back to the orbiter?

Solution Summary

The solution calculates the velocity of astronaut acquired by gas propulsion from the tank and helps the astronaut back to the orbiter.