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Collision: No jerk experienced by a passengers of a bus

You are a professional witness in a lawsuit. What do you tell the judge? and Why? Explain and use equations


You are on an RTD Stretch Bus (the long busses with the accordion in the middle. (This is called an articulating bus.)) The bus is fully loaded with fuel and people. You are traveling at 30 [mph] when a mini-Van in front of the bus pulls in front of the bus as it travels in a similar direction; the van is traveling 20 [mph]. The bus driver slams on the brakes, but there is black ice so the bus gracefully slides right into the van sending the van flying ahead. Three passengers, upon realizing their opportunity to make some quick cash, start crying of back and neck pain.

Mass of bus + passengers + fuel is about 66,600 [lb] or 30,200 [kg].
Mass of van is about 2,000 [kg].

Forensics estimates from the bending of the light-pole that the van was moving at an uninhibited speed of about 35 [mph] when it hit the pole after sliding on ice.

You are a professional witness; what is your statement to the judge and why? (Three other passengers tell the judge they didn't even feel the collision. They heard it and saw the van fly forward; but they claim they felt nothing.)

I called RTD and spoke with a trainer.
He told me the Articulator holds 163 passengers, 183 gallons of fuel
and weighs in at 66,600[lb] when fully loaded.

I also found some bus stats here:
(Find page 9 and the "articulated" column.)

I was on a bus when this happened. We were traveling westward on East Colfax just west of Peoria Street. The van flew ahead of us and crashed through a bunch of fence posts. People on the bus did make claims that they were seriously injured.

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It is shown by calculations that while collision how the passengers did't experience jerk.