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Flow in a Pipe using Conservation of Mass

I have attached a copy of the problem I need help with. It's not that complicated and I think I actually did it last semester but I cant remember how. I need all of the equations set up step-by-step so I can understand how to set them up.


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In your figure some data are missing like the angle of bent and the final area of cross-section.

Hence, here I'm giving you the method that how to solve the problem.

First by energy law:
(p1-p2)/(rho*g) = (v2^2 - v1^2)/(2*g) + KL*v2^2/g .......(1)
where, KL is the coeeficint to calculate the loss due to:
1. bend,
2. contraction
You can assume it's value around 0.7 ...

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