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    Wrecking ball suspended from a crane: determine tension on the cable and angle

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    A 600 kg wrecking ball is suspended from a crane by a cable having negligable mass. If the ball has a speed v= 8m/s at the instant it is at its lowest point, theta= 0 deg., determine the tension in the cable at this instant. Also, determine the angle theta to which the ball swings before stopping. The length of the cable is 12m.

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    Tension in the cable at angle theta with the vertical:
    T = m*g*cos(theta) + m*v^2/l

    At the lowest point: theta = 0
    m = 600 kg
    v = 8 m/s
    l = 12 m
    g = 9.8 m/s^2

    => T_lowest = m*g + ...

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