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Motiron in two dimension: Motion on a verticle Circle.

A small ball is suspended from point A by a tread of length L. A nail is driven into the wall at a distance of L/2 below A, at O. The ball is drawn so that the tread takes up a horizontal position.

-At what point in the ball's trajectory will the tension in the tread disappear?
-How much farther will the ball move?
-What will be the highest point to which it will rise?
-At what point will the ball pass through the vertical line passing the point of suspension?
-After how many wraps does the ball stop wrapping around and start swinging? What is the maximum angle where this will happen?

Solution Summary

A particle is attached to a point and released from horizontal position so that moves on a vertical circle. A nail bellow the point of suspension is changing the radius of the vertical circle the motion is discussed in five parts.