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    Electric Circuits Problem

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    Question: Find the current flowing through the inductor as per attachment file #1.

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    For the left side circuit (current = i1):
    KVL: Real part:
    V1 = 10*cos(wt) = 100*i1
    => i1 = cos(wt)/10 (1)

    For the right side circuit (current = i2):
    KVL: Real part:
    V1 = 20*sin(wt+30) = 200*i1
    => i2 = ...

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    This solution is comprised of an explanation of how to solve for each side of the circuit and illustrates how to work through the required equation to obtain the final answer. Additionally, an explanation for how to interpret the necessary equation and its parts is provided. This is all done in about 130 words.