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Designing a logic circuit

Require a logic circuit designing for the attached solution, as much help as possible please as i am lost.

The problem does not specify, what valves are a hazardous system, it is a closed system that serves no purpose as far as i can see.

I have not studied any thermofluid systems as yet, it seems too much of a jump in knowledge expected to myself. So far only studied some electrical resistors and static & dynamics!


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Please see the attached document.

I have labeled the valves as A, B, C and D in the picture. The above types of systems are used in atomic power plants to transfer heat from one point to another by means of a fluid. Heat input exchanger transfers the heat to the fluid and it flows, reaches the heat out put exchanger, and transfers heat. The spring form is to increase the effective area of the fluid part for increased transfer efficiency. Pump gives the driving force.

The Valve D can be open or close, as it just supplies the fluid, but if the pump is working, it must be closed. When the pump is working, A & B must be open and C is closed.
So we have the first condition,
When A & B open C and D must be closed.  C = 1 and D = 1
D is open  A and B closed (or the pump will push back the fluid to the tank) C must ...

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The expert designs a logic circuit. The valves of a hazardous system is determined. The solution with all explanations and mathematical steps. A word document is provided.