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    Line Spectra and the Bohr Model of a Hydrogen Atom

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    A singly ionized helium atom is in the ground state. It absorbs energy and makes a transition to the n = 3 excited state. The ion returns to the ground state by emitting two photons. What are their wavelengths?
    (lowest energy photon)
    (highest energy photon)

    Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you!

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    From the n = 3 excited state, the electron can make two transitions: it can make a transition to the n = 2 state and it can also make a transition to the n = 1 state.
    To get the wavelengths of the emitted photons, we first have to get their frequencies. There are quite a number of ways to get the frequency but I will use the method I feel is quite simple.
    The frequency of the radiated ...

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    This solution of 299 words calculates the wavelengths of the lowest energy photon and highest energy photon with step-by-step calculations and full explanations.