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Estimating the wt% Cu in Ni-Cu alloy

A Ni-Cu alloy is prepared which has a lattice constant of 0.354 nm. The maximum magnetisation of the alloy is measured as 1.25*10^6 A/m. Assuming no interactions between Ni and Cu atoms, and the magnetisation comes from the all unpaired 3d Ni electrons.Estimate the wt. % Cu in the alloy. Both Ni and Cu have a fcc structure with 4 atoms in a unit cell.

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Information given in the problem:

a = 0.354 nm = 0.354*10^-9 m,
Mmax = 1.25*10^6 A/m,
n = 4 (no. of atoms per unit cell)
Total no. of atoms (Cu + Ni) per cubic meter in Ni-Cu alloy will be,
N = n / [(Lattice constant)^3] = 4/(a^3)= 4/[(0.354*10^-9)^3] = 9.0167*10^28 atoms/m^3


1) No. of Cu and Ni atoms per cubic meter in in this Ni-Cu alloy

These are the equations used to solve this problem,
Net magnetic moments per atom (in Ni) = 0.60*Bohr Magneton = 0.60*uB ------(1)
Maximum ...

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