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    Three Stellar Astronomy Questions Answered

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    Please help in answering the following three conceptual questions:

    1. Explain why the absorption lines of an element have the same wavelengths as the emission lines of that element.

    2. Why can't hydrogen fusion and helium fusion go on at the same time at the center of a star?

    3. What evidence do we have that there is a relationship between sunspots and the temperature of the Earth?

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    1. Absorption lines are produced from atoms absorbing photons and exciting electrons from a particular energy state to a higher energy state. Emission lines are produced from electrons falling back from an excited state to a less excited state. Thus, the wavelengths of both absorption and emission lines are ...

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    This solution answers three questions pertaining to stellar astronomy, touching on concepts of absorption lines, fusion and the relationship of sunspots and temperature of the Earth.