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    Please help answer the following questions. Include references in the solution.

    1. Why do Sunspots always appear in pairs?
    2. How can astronomers explore the layers of the Sun below its surface?
    3. What is the source of heat for the Earth's interior?
    4. What are the lunar maria composed of? How did they form?
    5. What is the evidence that Mars once had running water on its surface?

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    Why do Sun-spots always appear in pairs? Sunspots are intense magnetic fields generated in the sun's interior which emerge at the surface of the Sun. Sunspots are always formed in pairs. The two sunspots of a pair are analogous to the two poles of a magnet. One represents the North Pole and the other represents the South Pole. Magnetic field lines join the two sunspots of a pair. Field lines leave through one sunspot and re-enter ...

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