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Speed of an Asteroid Impact on Earth

A NASA satellite has just observed an asteroid that is on a collision course with the Earth. The asteroid has an estimated mass, based on its size, of 5 X 10^9 Kg. it is approaching the Earth on a head-on course with a velocity of 600 m/s relative to the Earth and is now 5.0 x 10^6 km away. The average force of air resistance is 3.7 x 10^11 N as the asteroid moves 300 km through the atmosphere. With what speed will it hit the Earth's surface (assume the mass of the asteroid stays constant as it moves through the atmosphere)?

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The solution provides two different methods of determining the speed of an asteroid when it impacts with Earth, given the asteroid's dimensions. It explains the idea behind the calculations clearly as well, first in the answer space and then in further detail in an attachment.