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Quantum Number Determination

For principle quantum number n = 6 given for electrons in an atom, how many different values of the following quantities are possible? (*Do not list the identity of the states, just tell how many there are and show any supporting calculations.)

a) l

b) m (sub l): ml

c) m (sub )s: ms

d) all possible states for n=6

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l is the number that is connected to the total angular momentum of the electron:

L^2 = l(l+1)*hbar

Tha possible values for l are: l = 0,1,...,n-1

ml is the qyuantum number that is associated with the projection of the angular momentum vector on teh z axis:

Lz = m*hbar

ml can attain the following ...

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This solution explains and lists all the quantum number possibilities for the principle quantum number=6 given for electrons in an atom. A site is provided for further understanding.