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Matlab: Filling the Acoustic Neuromata

I have a matlab code for a skull filled with solid water and i want to put air at the places of acoustic neuromata i.e. in the sinus region and near the ears (and the rest of skull will remain as it is i.e. filled with with solid water). I am not too sure how to approach this though. Please see the attached documents: One containing the code and the other with the diagrams.


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The solution is attached below in two different formats. Use the format you prefer.

I also assumed that the shapes a and c are trapezoidal prisms, only c is a special case of a trapezoidal prism. Since I solved it for a general prism, you can use the same algorithm for both shapes (see attachments below for more details).

We start with the trapezoidal prism.

We need to set the value of the array to "1" for all the points that are inside the prism.
From the drawing we can see that we need to scan for the points that have their z coordinate between z0 (the height of the prism floor above the skull's bottom) and z0+H, H being the prism height.

The same holds for the x-coordinate. We need to scan from x0 (the ...

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