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    Rocket Acceleration Problem

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    A Saturn V rocket has a mass of 2.75 x 10^6 kg and exerts a force of 33 x 10^6 N on the gases it expels. Determine (a) the initial vertical acceleration of the rocket, (b) its velocity after 8 seconds, and (c) how long it takes to reach an altitude of 9500m. (Ignore the mass of gas expelled and assume g remains constant.)

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    Note 1. The reaction to the downward force, Fgas, exerted on the gas, is an upward force on the rocket.
    Note 2. Thus the two forces on the rocket, are: the upward force Fgas and a downward force of gravity, M g.
    Part a. Step 1.
    Newton's ...

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    This solution is found using Newton's second law, Fnet = Ma.