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Relative Motion and Energy

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1. The launch catapult of an aircraft carrier gives the 7Mg jet airplane gives the airplane a constant acceleration and launches the airplane in a distance of 100 m measured along the angled takeoff ramp. The carrier is moving at a constant speed of 16 m/s. If an absolute airplane speed of 90 m/s is required for takeoff.
Determine the net force supplied by the catapult and the aircraft engines.

2. A boy of mass m is standing initially at rest relative to the moving walkway, which has a constant horizontal speed U. He decides to accelerate his progress and starts to walk from point A with a constantly increasing speed and reaches point B with a speed of (Xdot) = v relative to the walkway.
During his acceleration he generates an average horizontal force F between his shoes and the walkway.

1) Write the work - energy equations for his absolute and relative motions.
2) Explain the meaning of the term: mUv


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