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    Projectile Motion: Angle of Gun to Hit Target

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    A hunter aim directly at a target (on the same level) 120 meters away. If the bullet leaves the gun at a speed of 250m/sec, by how much will it miss the target?

    At what angle should the gun be aimed so the target will be hit?

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    Construct the equations for the motion in the x and y directions. You can use the equation:

    s = ut + (1/2)at^2

    s = total displacement
    u = initial velocity
    a = acceleration
    t = time

    Note that t^2 means 't squared'.

    In the x direction this is straightforward, as there is no acceleration in the x direction. The only acceleration is due to gravity, and this is in the -y direction.

    So; x = ut and we know the initial speed in the x direction is 250m/s. Therefore, how long does the bullet take to get to the target? (total displacement ...

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    This solution shows step-by-step how to determine how much he'll miss the target by if the gun is horizontal and at what angle he must fire his gone at in order to hit the target. This solution provides formula, calculations and explanation in approximately 400 words.